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SMB setup on Windows XP

To set up SMB on windows XP, click Start -> Control Panel.

start menu

Click the "Network and Internet Connections" option.

control panel

Then click the "Network Connections" option.

network control panel

Double click the icon labelled "Local Area Connection". The icon may have a number after it, for example "Local Area Connection 5".

LAN Status

Click the Properties button.

LAN Status

Select "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and click Properties.

LAN properties

Click Advanced.

TCP/IP configuration

On the DNS tab, untick the box marked "Register this connection's addresses in DNS".

DNS Properties

On the WINS tab, click Add, then enter (not the address in the picture! that's out of date) and click Add.

WINS Add dialogue

This should add a new entry in the "WINS addresses" box.

WINS Properties

Click OK, OK, OK and Close. Click Back twice, so that you are in the main Control Panel window again.

Click the "Performance and Maintenance" option, then click on System.

performance and maintenance

On the "Computer Name" tab, click the "Change..." button. The computer name should be set to the hostname - in most cases this is your hermes username. So if your computer is, you should set the computer name as "abc12". The workgroup should be set to "THSTUDENT".

change computer name

Click OK. The "Full computer name" and Workgroup fields should now be set appropriately.

change computer name

Click OK, and reboot the computer. Your computer is now set up to use SMB properly.