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Time syncing with NTP on Windows XP

NTP is a protocol used to synchronise clocks over the Internet. Windows XP includes a tool to automatically update the time from an NTP server every week.

To set up the automatic synchronisation, right click on the clock in the System Tray and select "Adjust Date/Time".


On the Internet Time tab, type (not the address shown in the picture, that's out of date!). Click on Update Now, and after a few seconds it should say "The time has been successfully synchronised with" followed by the date and time. If this fails, contact the CSG. Otherwise, click OK.

time settings

Your computer will now update the time every week at the same time.

Some people may find that Windows's time synchronisation system is temperemental and does not always work. If you find this to be the case, we recommend that you install and use Automachron.